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Jan 01, 2020

  SU-POR מוצרים של חברת

SU-POR - בקרוב-  מוצרים של חברת


עדשה וקטלוג חדש לחברת Medicontur. 

לפרטים נוספים

Feb 28, 2016


Medicontur בקרוב! מזרק עדשות חדש מבית

פרטים נוספים לחץ כאן

Mar 08, 2016


ערוץ YOUTUBE של החברה ובו סרטוני הסברה והדרכה על מוצרים שונים. לכניסה לערוץ לחץ כאן

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יוניטים לקליניקה- חדש ובלעדי
Refraction Units F.I.S.O


Refraction Units:

F.I.S.O.’s main objective, when designing a new ophthalmic unit, is to develop a product that allows specialists to work in a complete and functional manner, without fatigue. This is why ophthalmic units by F.I.S.O. can totally satisfy all needs of the most exigent customers, in terms of both technical and ergonomic features, functionality, comfort and design.

All ophthalmic units by F.I.S.O. are made entirely of steel and wood, providing with great stability, sturdiness and reliability. The useful and convenient anti-dust foldaway drawer for ophthalmoscope and skiascope, present on all ophthalmic units by F.I.S.O., is a clear evidence of the meticulous attention to every detail.
All ophthalmic units by F.I.S.O. can be equipped with the whole range of ophthalmic chairs by F.I.S.O., available in several colours of upholstery. Most models of ophthalmic units are also available in left-handed version.

F.I.S.O.’s production processes, characterised by the use of both modern machineries and innovative technology, together with the careful attention to all details in every production phase, provide ophthalmic units by F.I.S.O. with a high level of quality, resulting in a long lasting product reliability.






סליט למפ
Slit Lamp

Introducing Symphony from Keeler - quality design and leading technology Slit Lamps with a contemporary design.

We set ourselves the task of designing a slit lamp to exceed performance expectations. Our painstaking attention to detail has helped us to achieve just this.
The result is Keeler Symphony, combining intricate performance with practical elegance.




















































סליט למפ נייד 
Portable Slit Lamp

Versatility and portability are key benefits of the Keeler PSL one and PSL Classic Slit Lamps. Keeler designed and manufactured with 

the strength to withstand the daily traumas of the demanding ophthalmic environment, the PSL is lightweight, durable and robust



























Indirect Vantage Plus- Keeler

As the world leader in binocular indirect technology we lead the way again with the first digital binocular indirect system.
Not old analog video but true digital imaging.
Utilise the Vantage Plus Digital Wireless in your office, operating room, and teaching

facility or anywhere you want to capture digital images.





































































Keeler - All Pupil

The All Pupil II is based on the design of the number one selling All Pupil indirect. Look out for the new

features designed to make your examinations easier and more comfortable









Evisceration - אויסרציה

Keeler, the first name in Ophthalmic Cryo Surgery. Designed for ease of use and built to the highest standards.

the Cryomatic and Keeler probes in our Windsor factory.

Reliable and easy to use.


The Keeler Cryomatic System including the probes, results from a complete re-engineering process aimed at producing greater reliability and a better freeze, as well as simplicity of set-up and operation, all of which combine to make it uniquely superior.






























































































Reliable and repeatable applanation tonometry, the Keeler Applanation Tonometer (KAT®) is a perfect example of British manufacturing experience delivering great quality and value.

Keeler applied 21st Century design techniques to an old established principle to deliver a premium quality instrument.

Now available with Digital reading.
























פאף טונומטר
Pulsair Desktop Tonometer


Pulsair Desktop has been designed with the user and patient in mind. The slim profile of the Tonometer head reduces patient anxiety and allows the clinical to maintain the all important visual contact with the patient.


Fast and efficient to use:

The colour alignment screen and ultra smooth alignment system gives even the novice user confidence to make rapid and accurate measurements. As with other Pulsair Tonometers there is no measurable cost of consumables – no drops, no single use probes or tips.



The soft colour scheme and compact design allow the Pulsair Desktop to blend seamlessly into the clinical environment.
































Optimised for outstanding performance with either a Streak or Spot beam with a simple bulb change.


The Professional Combi Retinoscope guarantees you enough light 

to refract even the most difficult eyes.






A combination of optical perfection, superb ergonomics and versatile features make Keeler direct ophthalmoscopes the ideal choice.

Whatever your requirement from basic examination to detailed diagnosis, there is a Keeler ophthalmoscope 

for you.








Surgical Loupes

Magnification allows you to do a better job. If you can’t see it, you can’t work on it.
The benefits of Keeler loupes are immediately clear: improved working posture, reduced eye strain and now, with the new Keeler Loupe Light, your working view is even clearer.


Laser aligned optics for magnification of superb optical quality, a lightweight aluminium assembly and a precise pupil alignment system make Keeler loupes the perfect choice for dental,surgical and veterinary professionals.










מסכי בדיקה 
Vision Chart

מסך בדיקה הכולל בתוכו את כל סוגי הבדיקות, ממספרים ואותיות ועד לעיוורון צבעים
ניתן לתלייה על הקיר או נייד על מעמד מיוחד כניסת כרטיס זיכרון שמאפשרת לראות סרטונים ולעדכן את התוכנה בכל עת גודל המסך 17 אינץ, שלט כלול


Vision chart specification:
LCD size:                           17 inch XGA Panel
Working distance:             2-7m,Step 0.1m (80-260inch,Step 5inch)
Vision icon:                        E,C,Alphabet,Figure,Children
Testing function:                Schober test

Worth test
Cross grid
Coincidence test
Stereo test
Astigmatism test
Fixation point test
Ishihara test
Cross cylinder
Red green panel
Red green balance
Contrast sensitivity
Mask: Opposite color,Single icon mask,Horizontal mask,Vertical mask,Red/green mask.
Unit:  5-Grade,Decimal,LogMAR,Snellen(ft),Snellen(M)
Other functions: Mirror icon,Screen saver.










Using a green light measurement, accuracy is optimized regardless of lens type. The VX 35 saves time by using the same pathway to measure both power and UV transmission.

This instrument also features a wide range of measurements for all lens types and prescriptions. Workflow is optimized with the 7 inch tiltable color screen to accomodate any user. The VX 35 also features our patented Power Map Technology.





Thanks to the Shack-Hartmann sensor, the wavefront analysis occurs on multiple points increasing the precision of the readings.


The graphical display of refraction errors enhances understanding and reliability, allowing better diagnosis.









שולחנות וכסאות לחדרי ניתוח 
Surgical Chairs & Tables

UFSK-OSYS develops innovative technologies that benefit surgeons, patients and staff at hospitals and clinics around the world.

UFSK committed to the continuing development of high-quality medical products and systems that offer customers the best price to performance value. Germany’s rich tradition of precision craftsmanship and engineering is evident in the construction of all of our tables and chairs.​












Volk Pictor

Volk Pictor is a truly portable digital imaging device that provides a variety of imaging capabilities with interchangeable modules.

This versatile hand held device is available with the option of four key imaging modules for examination: ophthalmic-posterior, ophthalmic-anterior segment, otoscopic and dermatoscopic.