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Volk- Eye check
Volk Eye Check provides automatic real-time measurements of 7 different eye features 
Clinician benefits are:
  • Complements and enhances standard examinations, eg – cover test; assessment of anisocoria, ptosis, buphthalmos. Particularly helpful when clinician is unsure about strabismus, pupil size, lid position. Can reduce potentially missed conditions
  • Provides objective and repeatable measurements of key eye features – strabismus angle, pupil size, lid position, iris diameter, eye aperture
  • Reduces trial-and-error in fitting contact lenses by providing the accurate size of irises, pupils, lid position and pupil eccentricity
  • Provides objective digital documentation of eye features and eye conditions; retention of electronic records and helpful for onward referrals
  • Reduces inter-clinician variability – standardize testing across practices and between clinicians in multi-site environments such as optometry chains and healthcare groups.
  • Provides proof and record of examination in case of litigation
  • Saves clinician time – abnormalities can be quickly identified and immediately investigated by the clinician
  • Saves chair time – testing with the device can be performed by an assistant and
  • clinician reviews the result




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