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צור קשר
I optics

 מכשיר פורץ דרך בתחום הדיוק והעקביות שהוא מציג לגבי איפיוני הקרנית -  אחורית וקדמית

 Total Corneal Astigmatismׁׁ חשוב מאין כמוהו לצורך דיוק בחישובי עדשות טוריות

Cassini Total Corneal Astigmatism helps cataract surgeons to better understand corneal properties in order to improve outcomes and increase premium patient volume. Cassini offers a full suite of examinations required for toric and multifocal IOL implantation. This includes corneal topography, mesopic and photopic pupillometry as well as full color photography for diagnostic purpose.
The technology employs red, green and yellow LEDs that are each positioned in a unique relationship to four of its neighbors, giving each one a ’gps-like’ coordinate. Cassini uses the ray- tracing principle to measure the relative position of each point, using the three different colors as ‘triangulation’ points.

The new A-Scan Plus features intuitive software and upgraded hardware to meet the precision demands of premium IOLs. The A-Scan Plus is the single most effective solution for measuring and calculating all of your patients and refining your surgical outcomes for 

cataract surgery.
It has the ability to measure 100% of patients and works great with dense cataracts and patients with fixation difficulties.

EVA ויטרקטום+פאקו

Is a revolutionary fluid control system that uses pistons and timed valves to control the transportation of fluids in either vacuum or flow modes.
The system eliminates the risk of unwanted pulsation and delivers the precise flow or fast vacuum, as required by the surgeon.

עדשות פוליפוקליות- היחידות בשוק 



Polyfocality of WIOL–CF® is created by its hyperbolic shape.
Similarto the natural crystalline lens, the hyperbolic curvature creates an infinite

number of focal points from which the brain selects the optimal picture.

The polyfocality is supported by pseudo-accommodation: the narrowing

pupil selects the central optical area with the highest optical power.

This mechanism further facilitates near vision.

:מאמרים יולי 2015

  • Easy and reproducible injection

  • Through 1.8mm micro-incision

  • Long-term axial, radial and torsional stability

  • Precise and stable refractive results

  • Improved PCO prevention

  • Very low chromatic aberration





עדשות פרימיום

During the past three years, Medicontur has developed new functional adaptations to the Bi-Flex platform, with several hydrophilic, hydrophobic and premium preferences.


The products of Medicontur are distributed in more than 60 countries with a growing share worldwide.


סמן עם פלס לניתוחי קטקרט

For every 1° of error in the Toric IOL’s rotational alignment there is a 3.3% decrease in the correction for astigmatism.


Stephens Bubble Level Toric Axis Marker provides visual guidance to ensure optimal outcomes for your patient

כלי ניתוח
Albert heiss, Stephens

Albert heiss, Stephens כלי ניתוח למטרות שונות. תוצרת

Surgistar, Oasis Cannula

Oasis ו Surgistar קנולות של חברות
.מומלץ לעיין בקטלוגים על מנת להחליט על הסוג הרצוי

כיסויי עיניים, משולשים, ספונג'ים 


Vision blue- Dorc
  • Excellent visualization of the capsulorhexis in eyes with mature cataract or small pupils

  • Clear outline of the capsulorhexis rim during the entire surgery

  • Reduced risk of complications due to an incomplete capsulorhexis

  • Visualization of the leading edge of a "lost" capsulorhexis

Iris Retractor

Flexible retractor allows effective enlargement of the iris.

Polypropylene with silicone stop for smooth mechanical stretching of the iris.
Unique users friendly packing, easy and controlled acces to each separate retractor.

תרגול ניתוחי פאקו 
Kitaro Kit FCI

The KIRATO® DryLab & WetLab kits simulate the different stages of cataract surgery and allow learning surgeons to practice techniques repeatedly without the added complication of long preparation times and costly live tissue samples. 


Beginners can learn instrument manipulation with the KITARO DryLab and then move on to the KITARO WetLab to practice on performing a complete cataract surgery with a phaco machine and microscope. 
Realism has never been pushed so far!


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