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FCI punctal plugs are preloaded on a disposable inserter for a progressive release & an easy insertion.

  • Original design

  • Ergonomic slanted collarette

  • Preloaded on disposable inserter

  • Good tolerance & optimal patient comfort 

  • Medical grade silicone

  • sterile



Mini Monoka​ 
  • Indicated for monocanalicular lacerations

  • FCI exclusive design

  • Gold standard for canalicular repair

  • Requires 0.3 mm punctum plug dilator & plug inserter (S1.3090)

  • Medical grade silicone – PVP option

  • Sterile



is a pushed lacrimal intubation stent with
self-retaining meatic fixation. The metallic guide is located
inside the lumen, not as an extension of the stent as in
conventional stents.






  • FCI exclusive design

  • 3 mm medium or 4 mm wide plug collarette

  • Non-traumatic metallic probe for adults (80 mm) and children (60 mm)

  • Requires 0.3 mm punctum plug dilator & plug inserter (S1.3090)

  • Medical grade silicone – PVP option

  • Sterile






• Stainless steel probe with non-traumatic rounded olive tip
• To use with the Crawford hook (S1.1275) for endonasal retrieval of
the probe
• Medical grade silicone
• Sterile



Gold Eyelid Weights  

Labtician Ophthalmics, Lid Load gold eyelid implants a treatment solution for lagophthalmos, allowing the ophthalmic surgeon customized sizing crucial dimensions:

Thickness – thinner in the low-weight range for patients with smaller, thinner lids

Length – shorter in the high-weight range where length management is essential

Width – rounded at the perimeter and corners for improved cosmesis and added width control

All Labtician gold eyelid implants are made from 99.99% pure gold, to create a nontoxic metal
implant that is dense, inert, noncorroding, and biocompatible, and is unlikely to cause irritation
in surrounding tissues. 

Available in a variety of weight ranges to customize fit and function for a wider range of patients providing for improved outcomes and enhanced relief

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