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Sinolis- unique solution for arthritis pain.
Sinolis combines Hyaluronic acid is a sorbitol and enables joint pain relief.
The best solution for arthritis: 
Nioonit- Osteoarthritis
The unique advantages of Sinolis The acid injection Hhialronit "Sinolis" is a quick fix to relieve Bcab.hsinolis does not contain steroids While a quick effect, but it reaches its peak after 12 weeks and six months left to the year Hsinolis is a combination of Hyaluronic Acid 2% and 4% sorbitol
What is osteoarthritis?
Osteoarthritis - You can feel the knee degenerative arthritis.
The pain gradually worsened, and yet you can feel the change in the level of symptoms. Osteoarthritis can develop in one knee or both of my knees, and other joints


Defining the level of pain:

The pain level is set on a scale from 1-10 When pain threshold level of 1-4 is considered easy money pain, pain threshold of 4-8 is considered a high pain Money When the threshold of pain than 8, usually better to get to surgery. Hyaluronic acid injection did not constitute an effective solution over time


What causes knee osteoarthritis?

You can find a combination of factors leading to joint pain Osteoarthritis


Age: Findings show that over the age of 45, the level of risk of developing the disease Osteoarthritis Increased


Obesity - found that overweight causes more strain on the knees.


Genetics- is that the structure and stability of joints affected by genetically


Existing solutions for treatment in Osteoarthritis disease


It is important to visit an orthopedic specialist regularly , finding the best solution for you


First solution:

is a change in the length of life, moderate exercise supervised physiotherapy . Weight reduction in obese


The second solution:

 is medication : taking oral analgesics


A third solution is adding a viscosity of joint : Disease Osteoarthritis is formed cartilage degeneration By injecting Hsinolis can replace the damaged articular fluid . Hsinolis a substitute for the missing joint liquid , provides long-term pain relief and helps return to normal life


Fourth: is corticosteroids :

steroid injections into the joint is performed .

The solution is immediately But short-term and repeated treatments can cause damage Last Thursday solution is surgery : a full knee replacement patients is a definitive solution Osteoarthritis with a high pain threshold , unable to relieve the strong pain level.


Important comments

In studies performed in Europe found Slsoblim intense pain will be relieved of pain has been first injection . The effect of the injections lasts between 6-18 months

Synolis V-A

is a unique combination of high molecular weight  and high concentration Hyaluronic Acid and a high concentration Sorbitol (patent pending).

Sorbitol is to protect HA from degradation, preserving the benefits of Synolis V-A human-like visco-elasticity properties for a longer period. This improved stability together with the anti-oxidant property of Sorbitol is translated into a superior clinical benefit that was named “The V-A Effect”.  



Synolis V-A is indicated for fast, intense and prolonged pain relief in patients with synovial joint Osteoarthritis.


The concerned joints are usually knees, hips and shoulders, but all the other synovial joints such as fingers, ankles, jaw can be treated. Synolis V-A injection regimen is flexible, with 1 to 3 injections depending on disease severity.


The Visco-Antalgy Effect provides fast, intense and prolonged pain relief to patients with knee osteoarthritis.


According to clinical observations (Heisel et al. 2013), over 60% of patients felt their condition improved 1 week after treatment initiation and over 80% still felt pain relief at 6 months.

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