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E2 Endo Optics Laser

This compact laser and endoscopy unit houses a 300W or 175W Xenon light source, diode laser and video camera. The laser output, pulse width, light and aiming beam intensity are controllable and parameters are displayed on a back-lit, front-panel LED. A foot pedal enables hands-free operation. For safety, there is an emergency shut-off button. The rear panel features connectors for video monitors, recording devices and video printers.


Healaflow- Apttisen​

Healaflow is a slowly resorbable viscoelastic implant indicated for penetrating and non-penetrating glaucoma surgery. Injected under the scleral flap and the conjunctiva, it acts as a drainage implant and limits the postoperative fibrosis thus improving the surgical success rate



















Glaucolight -Dorc

The Glaucolight is a surgical ophthalmic canaloplasty 
device to facilitate the treatment of open angle glaucoma. 
The Glaucolight facilitates the new stretching-suture 
technology to re-establish the natural aqueous outflow and 
reduce the intraocular pressure.




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