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Dry Eye Solutions
SBM Sistemi O.S.A
OSA : A full assessment of the ocular surface through a combination of tests for dry eye diagnosis, from tear break up time to the tear volume production test. It allows the analysis of Meibomian glands, as well as various measurements and classifications according to international grading scales.

ICP Dry Eye analysis

I.C.P OSA the new instrument of individual analysis of lacrimal that allow with a quick detailed structural research of the tear composition.
Possibility of researsch on the single layers:

  • Lipid

  • Aqueous

  • Mucin

Thermaeye IPL

I.U.R.P.L Intense Ultra Regulated Pulsed Light, is MDS Medical Technologies exclusive system, offers the possibility to treating all skin types without compromise


  • No  filters needed

  • Triple filtration (UVA, UVB, UVC)

  • Can be applied on the upper and lower eyelid or on the palpebral edge

Intense ultra-regulated pulsed light (IURPL) therapy appear as a safe and efficient treatment in relieving symptoms and signs of DED-MGD eyes. No significant complications has been observed

Painless Plug

FCI punctal plugs are preloaded on a disposable inserter for a progressive release & an easy insertion.

  • Original design

  • Ergonomic slanted collarette

  • Preloaded on disposable inserter

  • Good tolerance & optimal patient comfort 

  • Medical grade silicone

  • sterile

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